Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Maple, Vaughan

A dental crown is ultimately a cap on a tooth that adds strength and stability when the tooth structure has been lost to decay or fracture. When a tooth has a large filling, it is no longer strong enough to support the forces of everyday chewing. Additionally teeth that have had a root canal treatment become more brittle and require a crown for strength. The first step in this cosmetic dentistry procedure is tooth preparation, during which your dentist will remove approximately 1.5 millimetres of tooth structure from the tooth's surface. Impressions are then done of the prepared tooth and a temporary dental crown is made and inserted. In one to two weeks the finished dental crown is checked for the fit and colour of the porcelain before final cementation. 

When a tooth is missing, one option for treatment is placing crowns on the adjacent teeth with a false tooth in place of the missing tooth to create a bridge. You now have the look of natural teeth while restoring function and stability to your mouth. 

If you have decaying, damaged, or missing teeth, be sure to stop by Maple Dental Health in Vaughan and speak with our staff about Crowns and Bridges.

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