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5 years ago

New Patient Experience

At Maple Dental Health we take pride in offering a thorough and detailed analysis for our “New Patient Experience”. The steps we take to assess our new patients will provide information that will better help to understand next steps for treatment and a healthy smile.

1. Oral Cancer Screening:

This is a simple and standard checking process where we look for any abnormalities in the oral cavity. We can deal with any concerns immediately and at an early stage, it makes it much easier to treat. This is a very important part of the check up as we want to detect any problems early on.

2. Tooth By Tooth Exam:

We look at each individual tooth closely for signs of decay, broken fillings, gum disease or problems with bite. We document all findings and communicate the results once the exam is complete.

3. Periodontal Exam (Gum & Bone Exam)

With this exam we look closely at the gums and use a special measuring tool that will indicate any areas of infection and or bleeding. This exam also allows us to check for areas of bone loss around the teeth.

4. Bite Exam:

How you bite is an indication of how your teeth fit and work together. A jaw and muscle examination will be conducted which will allow us to measure any concerns of wear on the teeth as well as the the range of opening and any other factors related to your bite. 

5. Cosmetic Evaluation: 

This is an opportunity for the patient to communicate how they feel about their smile and teeth. We will look at the colour, shape and alignment and address any immediate concerns and also provide insights for improvement. A treatment plan will be presented sighting the benefits for an aesthetically and healthy outcome. 

To Welcome you to our practice and as part of our “New Patient Experience” we provide a FREE home whitening treatment when you have a complete oral exam and dental cleaning! 

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